I recently obtained a bike after weeks of trawling Craigslist for one with the right specs (I’m a tall guy and need a large frame, and I wanted a classic, not-too-new and flashy kind of thing).  I was pleased to see after commuting to work on the bike for the first time in months, that the Traffic Department is painting fresh, new bike lanes on all the preferred routes for cyclists (where there isn’t enough room for a lane, icons instruct motorists that the road is to be shared with cyclists).   As the crazy ranting guy on Washington Ave. pointed out to me this morning: “Everyone’s riding a bike, it’s ridiculous!” 

Indeed, as every summer in New York City, we have gone bike crazy and it’s great.

There are plenty of bike transport blogs and resources, some NYC-specific, some not that have been springing up in the last few years, two of my favorite recent discoveries are:

NYC Bike Maps – makes available Google Maps mashups displaying bike routes in all the boroughs, maps of the cycling tour routes. Why don’t the mash-ups give directions from point A to B? 


Google Maps ‘Bike There’ – Creating a mash-up, unfortunately does not mean that developers can provide us with alternative routes to our destinations.  Google Maps started with driving directions and recently provided a ‘walk there’ feature, prompting many users to wonder if other modes of transport were going to be represented. That’s where the Google Maps ‘Bike There’ petition comes in.  Sign the petition, join the group on Facebook, and recruit your friends to urge Google to create cycling directions on the maps of major U.S. cities. 

Latest favorite bike-related reads:

Shift by Jennifer Bradbury.


2 responses to “Bike-crazy

  1. Glad to see there are new posts here — I hadn’t checked in some time. And go bike commuting! But, having spent the last few days in Montreal, I can say that NYC is *not* where “everyone’s riding a bike” — it’s our dear bilingual neighbor to the north. Tons of people on two wheels in every neighborhood I went to. I took a photo of the extensive — and largely occupied — bike racks at the Grande Bibliothèque downtown. Puts Grand Army Plaza to shame!

    I will have to check out your bike-related reading recommendations…sounds interesting…

  2. People should read this.

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