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PLA Blog guest-posting

I’ll be guest-posting on the PLA blog for the next few days, thanks to Nate Hill.

My first posting is about a Young Adult Library Association (YALSA) Institute on Serving diverse populations of teens.

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NYT: Request for converter box coupons overwhelming.

Digital TV Coupons
The NY Times reported yesterday that democratic leaders are calling for a delay in the shift to digital television broadcast, slated to shift on Feb. 17.   Millions of households still depend on an analog signal for their news and information on television.  The converter box is the only way to receive a digital signal on an analog TV, but the effort to get the word out, as well as assistance for those who cannot afford a box on their own, has been slow and quiet.

Meanwhile, I’ll be interested to see what comes of the campaign to get the Obama adminsitration behind funding a digital infrastructure that is a once clearly needed and all but ignored by major media.  The consortium of public interest groups that have launched introduce a rather radical concept – at least in business circles – recognizing that Information, like other precious resources is important  enough to make a develop a public works project effective enough to make access to the Internet as ubiquitous as television has become.

It is sure to be an uphill battle that will challenge some of our most trusted sources of news and information, which have profited from being so necessary in our daily lives.

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