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Crap [book] – by Erin Conley, Karen Macklin, and Jake Miller

Call No. 305.235 (Young Adult)
ISBN: 978-0979017353
Price: $8.95
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I was thumbing through the shelves today and came upon this title, another great one for Zest Books. As usual, the intended audience is teenagers, but, as I’ve been feeling a bit down lately, the book couldn’t have revealed itself to me at a better time or in a better format.  This pocket-sized volume would be great to put into your back pocket and whip out the moment someone starts to annoy you.  Simple, pithy pearls of wisdom about dealing with all kinds of crap in one’s life are offset with the authors’ quirky humor.   Readers will also appreciate the random insertions of facts about the actual “number 2”, a twist that helps put it all into perspective.