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Spotted on the Tube 12.05.10

Note the date notation. That’s because I’m staying in London for a couple of weeks. Of course I’ve been taking the tube all over the place, and the bus as well. The people of London probably don’t realize how good they have they’re public transport (cushioned seats! schedules! announcements!).

Anyway, it was appropriate that the other day while riding the Northern line to Angel, I found myself staring across the aisle at the cover of ‘An Uncommon Reader’ by Alan Bennett.

The ‘Reader’ of the title is none other than Her Majesty the Queen, having newly discovered the pastime of reading for pleasure after feeling duty-bound to make use of the mobile library parked outside the palace gates.

Bennett is a surviving member of the British comedy troupe, ‘Beyond the Fringe’ in which he performed with the more notorious (in the U.S.) duo of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. His stories and plays are rich, allegorical explorations into the nature of art, culture and sexuality.

While I’ve been more engrossed in the work of his former colleague, Peter Cook, Bennett seems to have been an early infuence on the wry, acid wit that so influenced contemporary British humor.